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Montreal fishing spots

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Canadian carp fishing in spring

Boys of school for passover, had to get them out of the house so the women could take care of switching our kitchen. I obliged as usual, so we headed out to do what we most enjoy.

We decided fish for carp, as most game fish species are closed in both Quebec and Ontario during April. Besides, when carp come to play, the game becomes quite enjoyable.

Unfortunately, early April isn't the best time to fish for carp in Canada. The water temperature is barely above freezing, so they aren't ready to feed heavily yet. To top it off, they aren't moving from swim to swim at the same speed as they would be in warmer water.

Fortunately, the rules allow one rod per person, including kids. As I have 4 boys, we were allowed to use 5 rods. We set for up for carp, and one for panfish, as my youngest one isn't ready to fight big carp yet.

Using 4 rods, also let me diversify the bait I used, in attempt to further continue testing baits against each other. I set up one rod with frozen corn, another with store bought shelf life boilies that typically work quite well, and a couple rods with the remnants of my home made boilies.

Sure enough, the home made boilies outperformed the other baits, just as they did last fall.

Check out the action on my latest video:

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peter said...

you guys are killing me with envy that day on lake champlain was one in amillion and that carp battle what a way to live