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Monday, May 21, 2012

Spin and Fly fishing - a crappie day

I've always been intrigued by fly fishing, but never took the time to sit get out and give it a try. In fact, I have a brand new fly rod we won a few years ago, still haven't spooled it up yet. Late last season, I picked up some crystal cast bobber from . These bobbers are designed to help cast flies using a spinning rod.

With the heat wave we're having, I took the kids for an outing as they were off school for Victoria day. I was hoping that the carp and gar would be surfacing at my spot, so I can attempt to have them take some flies. The carp didn't show up at all. The gar weren't interested in the least bit in the special hookless flies I had tied using some nylon rope.

So I tied on some flies I found in a old box from my dad's 40+ year old gear, and gave it a shot just to see what happens.

Nice surprise, I got my first hit within a couple minutes, landed this 13 inch black crappie:

A few casts later, it was Avi's turn:

Levi and Eli got turns as well, and soon we had dinner set up:

I'm sure glad I finally got to test the Crystal Cast bobbers with some flies, it's given me the urge to spool up the fly rod and go at it for real...

Not sure what type of fly I was using, I eventually lost it later on in the day. Luckily, I got a picture of it "in action". If anyone can identify it, please drop me an email using the contact form.

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Ken Reichman said...

Hi Phil,

I do not know if my attemt to post to your blog got through so I will try again.

Thanks for the feedback on how well our "Crystal Cast" bobber worked for casting flies. Glad you kids had fun catching those nice sized crappie.

For your friends and blog audience that might want to purchase our Crystal Cast they can do so at

Thanks again and happy fishing,

Ken Reichman
Owner, Spin and Fly