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Montreal fishing spots

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My new carp record

Headed out for a short outing this morning, had to stay local as I didn't have much time to fish. Decided to try an area I first fished (unsuccessfully) in April after ice out.

Started just after 9:00 AM, using corn and popup corn on a hair rig, took 40 minutes and I had my first fish in that spot. It was a very pale carp, and I couldn't tell whether it was a carp or sucker until I got it to shore.

No match for my gear, didn't even take any drag, as it was the tiniest carp I've ever caught. Didn't bother weighing it, but I estimated it at about 3 lbs, shattering my personal worst by about 3 lbs:

Bad enough that the carp was pale, I had my digital camera on flash setting instead of outdoors, and didn't realize as I was fumbling with the auto shoot function because I was fishing alone.

Still, I was happy to land a carp there, it's always fun when a new spot pays off that quickly. Caught a decent one about 2 hours later, weighed in at 19 lbs, put on one of the best pound for pound fights I've ever got out of a carp:

That was it for the outing, had to leave early. Hope to scout another new spot in the next few days...


peter said...

are you sure its a carp looks more like a goldfish or some mutation?

Freshwater Phil said...

Definitely a carp, just too much flash when I snapped the pic on autoshoot. Gold fish that size would have been super cool.

Anonymous said...

Where did u get that fish?