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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Post spawn carp fishing frenzy - a new carp record

Took out a new customer and his son (Jeff and Roan) for a day of carp fishing. Seems that they weren't having too much luck fishing from their boat this season, I told them I'd try my best to change that, and that I hoped to land 8-10 carp for the day.

The combination of most carp being in their post spawn period combined a warm front moving in moving in proved nothing less than miraculous.

We got started shortly after 9:00 AM. My goal was to try 2 flavours of home made boilies, versus the store bought brand. A homemade Vanilla/Hazelnut boilie drew first blood after 20 minutes. Interesting scale pattern on this carp:

Didn't take 15 minutes more for the garlic boilie to catch up, another carp in the same size range.

What ensued, was complete mayhem. During the next 4 hours, we averaged 7-8 carp PER HOUR. I was barely able to get 3 rods going at before 1:00 PM. Nor was I able to sit down, attend to nature calls. The action was fast and furious, the carp were truly on fire. I spent most of the day in the water in my bathing suits netting carp after carp. Most were in the 10-15 lbs range, so I opted for quick, in water releases once they were netted. Only 2 or 3 over 20 lbs, biggest was this 22 lb carp:

Weirdest catch of the day was a carp missing it's entire upper jaw, as well as having a deformed lower jaw.
Somehow still manged to feed as it looked otherwise healthy, and was hooked trying to eat my boilie:

When it was all said an done, Jeff an Roan hooked into about 35 carp in 5.5 hours! They lost a few early in the day due to the usual learning curve, but got better at landing them as the gained experience with each catch. Though we didn't catch any giants, the average size carp made up for it in numbers and agressivness. 

Jeff and Roan had to leave just before 3:00 PM, but I stayed until 4:30, landing a few more carp up to 21 lbs. Today's results shattered my previous record of 16 carp in 4 hours. Though I'd love to go back soon, I'm out of town fishing with the family all week next week, so I need to catch up on work and pack for the trip. I only hope the carp are still waiting for me when I return.

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