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Montreal fishing spots

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Guided carp fishing - Another day at the "office"

Took out a group of tourists here from Virginia for a bachelor party. All are experienced anglers, though none of them had ever targeted carp before. With four of them plus myself, I looked forward to the challenge of setting up, baiting, and maintaining 5 lines, in addition to netting possible catches and snapping pictures for them.

We got started shortly after 9:00 AM. I brought along a large variety of home made boilies, including vanilla/cream, hazelnut/cream, garlic/pepper, garlic/cayenne and chocolate/cinnamon flavors.

I set up rod by rod, tying my triangular PVA boilie stringers for added accuracy. I set 2 rods out near each other then another 3 rods about 120 feet way, spreading my casting area a good 75-100 feet between each line. Took about an hour for the first hit, after a short battler, Corey (the groom) had his first carp:

Shortly after, another rod goes off, missed hookset, then another, snapped line, then another with Justin landing his first carp:

As you can imagine, the carp kept me real busy. With every hookup, I had to bring in adjacent lines to avoid possible tangles, then re-string, re-cast and re-bait each line. Over the next 4 hours or so, I didn't have time to stop, kept running from one set of lines to the other to land fish, than reset the lines. Here is Dave with his first carp:

And here is Joe with his:

Corey caught the biggest one of the outing, congratulations to the groom:

The action eventually slowed down, I accepted a beer that I was offered earlier on but had no time to open with the non stop action. sure enough, just as I opened it, I hear fish on... Two Fish On!!! Double header, landed both carp in my net at the same time! First time I've done that, too bad I don't have a pic...

Needless to day, the outing was another success, I'm sure these young men will have a blast visiting Montreal.  I imagine the rowdy action they got from the carp is probably a minute preview of what it's store for them over the next couple days...


Dave S said...

Great job bringing the fish in. We had a blast!!!

Freshwater Phil said...

Thanks, I had a blast as well.
Anytime you're ready for a rematch...