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Montreal fishing spots

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Channel cat night fishing with boilies

Took Ari and Levi out for a short outing after supper. I've never tried carp fishing at night, and the spot I had in mind has some catfish and sturgeon as well.

We got set up around 8 PM, put out 1 line with balled up worms, the second with cutbait, third with chocolate/cinnamon boilies. With variety of bait, I figured we've have our bases covered.

Took about 1 hour, the boilie line starts moving. Not really a carp run, I figured it was probably a small carp toying with my bait. But it didn't stop, so I set the hook after about 1 minute or so, fish on!

Ari lands a 6.5 lb channel catfish, nice surprise on my carp line.

Fishing slowed down. Around 10:00 PM, Levi starts getting bored. Looking to distract him, I found a bunch of snails in the grass:

Levi caught a bunch of them, and we decided to "race them" on a small patch of earth:

In retrospect, I probably should have tried using one as bait...

Another hour goes by, time to head home. Just as I'm about to bring in the lines, I get a couple small hits on the cutbait line, but the fish dropped the bait. I let it sit for a short while longer, but it never came back. Bait was chewed flat when I brought it in, which leads me to believe it was another channel cat.

Will probably return for some more night fishng before freeze up if I can find the time...

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