Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Montreal carp fishing with popup boilies

Looks like summer finally ended with a mid September cold front blowing in over the weekend. Had a few hours to fish during the day, so I brought my wife along and stayed local, fishing less than 20 minutes drive from my house.

Though the Montreal spot isn't always as productive as my usual areas a bit further out of Montreal, I figured we'd make the best of it, and at the least, I'd get to practice my distance casting, which is required to present the bait far offshore where the carp usually are this time of the year.

Major problem was that I'm nearly out of boilies, and haven't had the time to produce any more. As such, I dipped into some backup stock of giant boilies I produced and rarely use. Plan was to use them to chum with, using my Nash Cybershot throwing stick. Unfortunately, they are too big, so don't work with the Cybershot. Catapulting them didn't get them out to the required distance at this particular spot, so I got a bit innovative, chopped them in halves, and made oversized PVA stringers with them. The cut boilies release more scent and flavour into the water, as well as some particles, occasionally getting fussy carp into aggressive feeding patterns.

Got to our spot on the Montreal shoreline shortly before 11:30 AM. Set up one rod with a garlic/pepper boilie, and another with a licorice spice boilie, both home made.

Nothing in a bit over an hour, I decided to check my lines. Both hooks had picked up dead leaves, rendering my setup up just about useless. Luckily, I had brought along some popup boilies I produced early in the season, but haven't had a chance to use at all, as I rarely fish carp with popup boilies. I proceeded to bait both lines with popup boilies, so they were being presented to the carp about 1 foot or so off the bottom, a good 400+ feet offshore. Hitting the required distance is crucial when carp fishing, it often means the difference between total failure or smashing success. Having the proper 12 foot rod and big capacity reel combination when targeting big water carp, sure goes a long way to say the least.

The popup boilie presentation did the trick, exactly what I needed to get my first run within less than half an hour after casting the line without any chumming except for an oversized PVA stringer. I picked up the rod, and handed it to my wife to fight my first carp off that spot this year, as I haven't fished for carp there in nearly 2 years. She did a great job keeping constant pressure on the big carp in the current, steering the fish away from big weed clumps on the way in. She's turning into quite the carper lately... I netted the big carp, weighed in at 24 lbs, her new personal best.

Had to leave shortly after to beat rush hour traffic, but we were extremely satisfied with the outing. Ronit landed her biggest carp to date on her first ever outing to that spot, and I was somewhat proud of my new popup boilies combined with distance casting doing the trick when all else failed. Hope to land some more big carp this fall, fishing the various waterways around Montreal.

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