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Thursday, December 31, 2015

First ice fishing outing to end 2015

Finally found 4 to 5 inches of safe ice up North at Pourvoirie Coin Lavigne on the last day of 2015. Better late than never, headed up there with 4 of the kids for some trout fishing on ice to end 2015.

With the ice relatively thin, and a heavy snowfall of over 40 CM the previous day, the ice was flooding with water not long after we drilled out holes. Made for tough conditions for the little ones with 3 inches of water on the ice, and to make matters worse, the trout were less aggressive than normal for this time of year.

Of course, tough conditions at a place like Pourvoirie Coin Lavigne can still make for some great fishing, do to the abundant amount of trout in their lakes.

For my 4 year old Zev and 7 year old Chaya, it was their first time ice fishing.

Chaya broke first ice by landing a couple rainbow trout:

Not to be outdone, Zev landed a nice speckled trout with a bit of help from dad:

Levi isn't much of a cold weather or ice fisherman, but he was glad he came along, managed a few of his own jigging a Rapala W2 tipped with a piece of worm:

And last but definitely not least, Avi broke his personal record again, with a very nice rainbow trout that but up a super fight under ice:

Ended up with a total of 9 rainbow trout and 4 speckled trout in about 4 hours of fishing:

For more information on fishing at Pourvoirie Coin Lavigne, click:

Hope to get out again sometime next week if I can find some safe ice closer to home.

Happy 2016!

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