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Montreal fishing spots

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Fall 2017 carp fishing

Though fall 2017 officially arrived over a week ago, the recent heat wave kept water temps at mid summer levels. Quite understandable when the record breaking ground temps over the past week have been hotter than any days this summer summer.

Accordingly, carp are still in their summer feeding pattern, a good month or so after they should be transitioning to their fall feeding mode. Suits me fine, as the summer bite tends to be a lot steadier, yielding good numbers of carp.

Managed 2 carp fishing outings with my kids this first week of fall 2017. The first outing was timed well, with outer temperature over 30 degrees C, the bite was steady as expected. Though we only fished for about 4 hours, kids landed 5 of the 8 carp we hooked, with Eli landing biggest carp of the day.

Was hoping to make it back the next day for the last and hottest day of the heat wave, but was not able to. Strong North winds blew in a cold front for the day after, and bite was off all morning. As the temperature warmed up around noon, bite turned on again, but the carp were very finicky, almost like they were "short striking". We only managed to land 3 of the 7 carp we hooked, probably the worst landing ratio we've experience all season. However, Avi managed to land his biggest carp of the season.

Zev had some fun catching a slew of perch, sunfish, gobies, and a couple very small bass. When he wasn't fishing, chasing and catching grasshoppers by hand this time of year is relatively easy.

One of the carp we caught had a lamprey on it, Zev's first encounter with these odd looking parasites.

Though September is ending with a short cold front, predictions for early October are warmer than usual, and water temp is still way above normal for this time of year. Good chance carp fishing season will be extended by a couple weeks this fall.

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