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Montreal fishing spots

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

First pike fishing trip of the season

Finally headed out on my friend Mike's boat with Eli, looking to land our first pike and possibly walleyes of the season. We were fortunate to be on board on Mike's new Lund for it's maiden voyage, hoping to get it well slimed.

Weather was calm and sunny, pike didn't take too long too co-operate with out trolling plans. Eli landed his first pike of the season. Nothing big, but a good start.

After landing a couple more pike, we eventually snagged what we thought was a rocky bottom in shallow water. Turning the boat around to free the line, Mike noticed that the bottom had "moved", and that we were actually hooked into a big one. After Eli fighting if for a bit, I correctly assumed that we had foul hooked a decent sized sturgeon, as no other fish in our river have that sort of power. Sure enough, Eli landed a nice 4 foot sturgeon after a brutal fight on a bass rod.

I shot some video footage of the battle, which I'll post here in the coming days...

After hooking a couple nice sized smallmouth bass on the next pass, we moved off to another spot, as they are out of season.

Our next spot proved very productive, and the pike were substantially bigger as well.

Eli fought most of them, except for a double header we landed after landing once of the bigger ones. Nearly a triple header. Once of the twisted while Eli had his hand in it's jaw, shredding his finger.

After landing a good 15 pike or so, we made one more stop on the way back, Eli landed his first walleye of the season, followed by another small pike.

All in all, another great day on the water with Mike for our first boat outing of the season, hope to have many more coming up.

Mike offers guided trips for pike an walleye before the start of musky season in 3 weeks. He can be contacted from my recommended guides page at:

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