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Montreal fishing spots

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Friday, August 2, 2019

Summer fishing in Montreal - July 2019

My originals plans to travel away for most of the summer, changed. I was originally scheduled to go to Domaine Shannon for some early July pike fishing, then Southwest Colorado, for most of the rest of the summer. Instead, I have not travelled anywhere, due to kaddish obligations.

Being here for most of the summer, and sort of confined to fishing directly around Montreal, I adapted my summer fishing plans. Most of my fishing outings in July were split between casting topwater lures for bass and pike, or bottom fishing for carp...

Starting off with the predatory species, I hit a few waterways by float tube, and others by bike. Being able to fish spots where not many others have access to, has been quiet enjoyable, catching both bass and pike this summer.

Most productive lures have been the Pop R and buzzbait, though to be fair, I probably used these more often than any other lures.

Here are some of my summer's catches so far in July 2019:

This thick pike is my biggest of the season so far, spectacular hit on the buzzbait, and crazy fight from my float tube:


The buzzbait also produced both species of bass (largemouth and smallmouth).


Calmer days were reserved for fishing the calmer popping action of the Pop R. Again, the bass and pike co-operated with my plans.


Not much fishing with the kids this summer, the younger ones were travelling, and the older ones seem to be more interested in either work, or their social life. I did get out with Zev for some panfish once, before he left with my wife to visit family in the USA. Both bluegills and sunfish were abundant, he managed to catch over  a dozen in less than 1/2 hour.


After neglecting carp for much of the month of June, I started getting back into chasing them big suckers. With ongoing construction at my usual spot, fishing has been tougher than usual there. Still, customers managed to catch some carp there.


Lots of solo carping for myself. I've been tinkering with producing large baits to try to target large carp with varied success. Tough to test various baits with our archaic 1 rod per person rule in Quebec to say the least. Regardless, I managed to land a good variety of mid range carp, as well as some larger ones.

Night fishing has been good throughout the month, mainly due to pre-baiting.

Both of my biggest carp of the season so far were landed 5 days apart. The first one, hit an oversize 38 mm fireball boilie I made:

The second, slightly bigger, hit a 16mm fireball popup boilie I made as well, only a few days later, as I was fishing an unbaited trophy spot.

I haven't had a chance to get out with Mike, Mark, Patrick or Jimmy, as they all have had a very busy guiding schedule so far this summer. Boatless, I've had to rely on shore fishing or float tube fishing smaller waterways with less wind and current. Perseverance has rewarded me with some good fishing this month, despite tough conditions nearly everywhere I've fished. Hoping August will be even better...

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