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Montreal fishing spots

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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

First ice fishing outing of winter 2022

Finally got out for my first ice fishing outing of Winter 2022. With some of my would be target lakes still sketchy with thin ice, I headed to a small lake I first fished last winter. Having started off 2021 with a decent largemouth bass I caught there, and then ending that outing with some big perch, I was hoping for some similar ice action today.

Got to the lake around 9:00 AM, and trekked out to the main basin. Started off jigging at a depth of 32 feet, drilling holes every few minutes, and gradually heading towards shallower water near shore. With 7 inches of ice, and almost no snow cover, drilling with my 6 inch Fin Bore auger was a breeze.

Unfortunately, 5.5 hours and 40 holes into the outing I still didn't manage to entice any bites, let along hook a fish. As evening rolled in coinciding with the peak of the major, I drilled my 41st hole. Saw a good mark shoot off the bottom as soon as I dropped my rattlebait down the hole. Vicious strike, and I finally had my first fish of 2022 on the line!

As I fought it up to the hole, I was surprised to see a Northern pike on the end of the line, as I didn't even know that they were present in the lake, nor was I expecting to hook any pike fishing in 18 feet of water. Thankfully, I managed to land the pike despite not having a leader, and the rattlebait being lodged deep in it's throat. I was very lucky it didn't cut my 6 lb fluorocarbon line.

The last 9 holes of the day drilled nearby then proceeded to produce a few nice perch, including a couple jumbos.

Needless to day, I was very happy with the way the day ended, after having struggled to locate fish throughout most of the day. Hope to get back out on ice again soon.

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