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Montreal fishing spots

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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Ice fishing white perch and largemouth bass

Finally got out on the ice again, after 3 weeks of no ice fishing. Plan for the day was to hit a spot that has good sizes of perch, largemouth bass and white perch, as  opposed to numbers. Some pike and chain pickerel in there as well. 

I was expecting the spot to be quite crowded, but to my surprise, I had the entire lake to myself. Quite strange, considering perfect weather condition of slightly above freezing, no wind, and mainly sunny skies. May have had something to do with this open feeder creek near the launch.

I trekked out to where I have had god success in the past, and started drilling ice holes just in time for the morning major. After hitting a perch and pumpkinseed sunfish, I hooked into something considerably bigger while jigging a small rattlebait, turned out to be my first white perch of the year.

I was on the phone with my son Ari who currently lives out of town, and being the only one of my boys that enjoys ice fishing, we shared the moment on speaker phone. Guess that would be the next best thing with him not being there.

Next fish from the same hole was a decent pumpkinseed sunfish.

Next hole I drilled paid off as well, landed my biggest bass of the season (so far). The big bass hit a W3 Rapala Jigging Rap.

Too big for my liking to keep for the table, I prefer to release bigger fish in good condition.

Bite slowed down after that, only a few more smaller perch landed throughout the rest of the day.

Enjoyed a nice sunset on the drive home.

This may have been my last ice outing, if weather is warm enough, I hope to hit open water on my float tube for a shot at pike, bass, bowfin and crappie before the season closes on April 1st. 

Stay tuned...

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