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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 Ontario Fishing license increase

The Ontario Ministry of natural resources has doubled their fishing license fees for 2008.

After paying $13.62 last year as a Canadian / non Ontario resident, they are now asking for $26.38 for a conservation license or $$43.64 for a sport fishing license.

To view their latest fees, click:

Looks like someone had to pay for all those O.F.A.H. Ontario Angler Award certificates and decals they send to participants at no charge. I guess are tax dollars are at work as usual...

I have already been in contact with them regarding the outdoors card I renewed but have never received yet, I also contacted them regarding this increase, and will post their reply here when I receive it.
Here is what I found on the MNR's F.A.Q.:

Ontario has introduced a new Licence for Canadian non resident
anglers. Why the new licence?

Most other provinces in Canada have a non resident licence requirement
for Canadian residents from other provinces. Up to now, Canadians not
from Ontario were paying the same fee to fish in Ontario as residents of
Ontario. The introduction of a new Canadian non resident anglers licence
fee in addition to the Outdoors Card will bring Ontario into line with most
other provinces in Canada. This is a fair approach for Ontario citizens
who are required to pay higher fees than residents when fishing in most
other provinces. Licence fees go to support fish and wildlife management
in the province.

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