Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fishing for brook trout and rainbow trout

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Trout are probably the most sought after species in Quebec, possibly Ontario too. Trout fisherman use a huge variety of tactics which include the art of fly fishing, as well as casting, trolling, still fishing and ice fishing. I don't usually target trout too often, as the bigger ones are quite deep throughout the summer, and I personally find trolling with downriggers more boring than ice fishing (now that's boring!). I have had some success still fishing and casting, but most trout in southern Quebec don't grow too big , and as I don't fly fish either, I can only write about what has worked for me so far. I hope to try spring fishing for lakers at "ice out", I'll keep you all posted.

Techniques: Still fishing for speckled or rainbow trout is probably the easiest way to catch enough trout for a meal, simply use tiny hooks with small live worms. Let them sink to the deeper parts of small lakes where trout can be found, most fish are usually deeper than 15 feet. River casting with small spinners, or deep trolling with larger spoons are better for targeting larger fish, but be prepared to spend a lot more time between fish.

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