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Monday, May 12, 2008

Trolling Big Walleyes in the Raisin River

The walleye and pike season officially opened on the Raisin River (Zone 18) last Friday, today was our first opportunity to attempt targeting the big walleyes that are still in it. We started off row trolling a worm harness and X rap going upstream, got one hit and miss on the worm harness, later caught a small largemouth bass on it. As the walleye weren’t co-operating much, we decided to try casting and jigging for them with live minnows.

Over the next 4 hours, we caught about 5 or 6 big smallmouth bass, and about a dozen smaller largemouth bass.

Around 3 o’clock, we figured we would call it and early day, decided to troll back for a bit before leaving. After about 5 minutes, I caught my first walleye of the day, a nice 15 incher. My fishing buddy immediately set up a worm harness rig, unfortunately we were out of worms. We cancelled the plans to call it an early day, raced down to the marina to pick more worms, and headed up the river to start trolling again. We passed over an area that was holding lots of fish, some nice sized ones were showing up on the sonar too. Next thing we know, my buddy hooks into a nice fish, turned out to be a 24 inch, 5 lb walleye. We then proceeded to make another 10 passes or so over the same area, just as we were on our last one, I hook into a mid size largemouth bass at the end of the run. As I released it, my buddy was just about to bring his line in and another nice walleye hit, turned out to be identical in size to the first one. We unfortunately couldn’t stay any longer, but his parents were scheduled to have a BBQ, looks like the menu has changed to walleye. I hope to head back there with my dad and one of my kids over the next few days for some 3 generation fishing.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Phil, my cousin went out to the Raisin and only caught bass on the weekend. Thinking about heading out there Saturday at some point. Might just have to bring some worms! Thanks for the tip. Went out for perch on the big lake last weekend and did quite well. Check it out.