Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fishing perch near Montreal

Went out for another half day, prepared for different types of fishing. Took along my waders, some light spinning tackle, as well as some terminal tackle and a small bag of worms I picked the previous night.

Started off at Pointe Des Cascades. The pier and boat ramp had some significant traffic again, my buddy and I put on our waders and headed out below the spillway for the first time, in an attempt to look for some "lost" trout.

No luck, noting biting, water was very cold, figured anything in there or anywhere would be lethargic.

After about an hour, we headed off to drive along the Soulanges Canal, ended up in Les Coteaux. Fished the "digue" area unsuccessfuly for a while using small minnow baits and live worms, nothing doing there either. I did find a place that rents boats, I'll be back there to give it a try once the pike season opens.

Stopped at the Soulanges canal for a few casts on the way back, and with nothing happening there either, we hit a spot I know near Dorion. Again, nithing doing there either, so we ended up at the 32nd St pier on Ile Perrot.

Caught about 6 or 7 perch one after the other. As nothing else interesting was biting, we called it a day and headed home.

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