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Montreal fishing spots

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fishing Montreal shad run

Strong winds and rain in the forecast, we decided to hit the Pie IX dam hoping that the crowd wouldn't be too big. Of course, the rain never came, the sun actually squeaked out. The wall next to the dam was elbow to elbow all the way across. I ended up right next to the dam, which I quickly figured out was the urinal, as it stank pretty bad.

The guys in the middle were catching shad on every few casts, but they were so tight that they almost had to fish sideways. I refused to join under such fishing conditions, so I tried staying at the ends hoping to get a good drift. Had one old guy that must have been half blind next to me, he kept catching my line.

I did notice that most of the guys fishing shad from the wall seem to be doing it for the food rather than for the sport. They might as well, from what I hear shad are good to eat, and they are extremely abundant. I guess that's why they don't mind the sickening fishing conditions they have to put up with to get their fish. Everybody kept all the fish, guys had buckets, stringers and garbage bags full.

Though I didn't have waders, I attempted to fish the shoreline as the dam's wall was pure frustration, not enjoyable in the least bit. Didn't do any better, not did most of the guys in waders. At least they had room to breathe.

Anyway, I very highly doubt I'll be heading back there without waders, I can't take fishing under crowded conditions with the constant tangles which are almost inevitable. And, as my waders have a slow leak, looks like it will likely be the end of that idea for this season.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the article Phil. Im planning on heading there this year. Whens the best time to go? Also where do i get the shad lures?

Freshwater Phil said...

Usuakky mid may to early June. But going to be major problems with distancing there, it's normally elbow to elbow.