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Montreal fishing spots

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Catching bass on rubber worms, senkos and curly tails

Fall is back again, the cooling water temps have the largemouth bass holding close to bottom. Although fishing rubber worms such as wacky rigged senkos, or tubes and curly tails on jigs are extremely efficient (especially this time of the year), it is one of my least favored methods, still can't explain exactly why.

Maybe it's the monotiny of just casting to spots and waiting for a hit over an over again, maybe it's the snags, or possibly the panfish giving "false" hits. Weirdest thing is that I really like still fishing with live bait, which I find extremely relaxing.

Back to the outing, my buddy was fishing Senkos for a good part of the 1/2 day outing, while I switched between a variety of lures that run at different depths. As the weeds are dying off, I was able to avoid cacthing grass even when using 3-4 foot divers in a few of my spots. As all I got in a couple hours was 1 hit on a POP-R, while my buddy was hooking into fish on his wacky rigged Senko, I switched to a curly tail on a jig for a couple minutes, just to avoided getting skunked. Sure enough, I landed a 2 pounder on my first cast.

With about 1 hour left to the outing, we both decided to fish the dying "slop" using Spro frogs. We got about 10 hits, no hookups, although we did come very close. One bass actually took in my frog and spit it out immidiately right on the edge of a weedbed. Still, the explosions of those big largies coming through the weeds are anough to give you a nice thrill, even though they often miss by a foot or so.

With about 1 month left to my boating season, I'm hoping to get a couple more bass outings before it ends.

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