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Montreal fishing spots

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pike fishing season opener in Montreal

Pike fishing season is finally open around Montreal, got invited out by my friend Mike to fish for pike on the Lac St Louis portion of the St Lawrence River. I brought my son Avi along, as I still owe him a few outings, and he's crazy about the toothy critters.

We started off trolling for them in about 6 feet of water, and didn't take long until were we on them. Fish were hitting just about every time we set our our lines, Avi was quite thrilled. Eventually, Mike suggested we get some casting done. Fishing was still quite good, though a bit more "work", I think Avi would have been very happy trolling all day having all the lines to himself.

Unfortunately, the average pike size on that portion of the river is quite small, I was expecting a few more pounds average, as I've primarily fished the St Francis part of the river during the past 8-10 years. I guess I've been a bit spoiled. Still, a few big pike still swim in our waters.

We ended up catching about 50 pike in 5 hours, most in the 2-4 lbs range. Here is a small video clip I shot between fish. For some reason, the video quality seems to deteriorate once I uploaded the video, maybe part of their new changes.

Mike was determined to find the big ones, and eventually did so as I expected he would.

I hope to chase some bigger pike on the Lac St Francois section of the river next week, though I have some customers for carp fishing as well. So many species, so little time.

For those of you that want to catch large numbers of pike, this is the best time of the season. Mike and Jimmy are both still available, and Tony will be as well, until the Shad run starts in the next couple weeks.

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Anonymous said...

What were you trolling as lures Phil?


Anonymous said...

And what was the fave for the casting?


Freshwater Phil said...

Trolling spoons did well, casting was better with 4 inch crankbaits, C.C. Redfin did really well.

Anonymous said...

you guys have it down cold great your lucky that your wives are so encouraging