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Montreal fishing spots

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fishing Northern Pike on Lac Roche

With the family away for the week, I decided to go back to the Northfield, Quebec area to attempt fishing a small remote lake for pike. We trekked up the mountain on the worst road I’ve ever been on for about 20 minutes. The ride wouldn’t have been possible if not for my buddy’s all wheel drive system which prevented slippage as we were climbing the rocks. After getting to our spot, we still had to trek through the woods with all the gear, gas and motor, as all the outfitter has are 2 tiny aluminum boats he hauled up there by snowmobile a few winters ago.

Due to it’s remote location, Lac Roche has the healthiest perch and sunfish population I have seen to date, which explains why the pike in there are all thick and fat, even though the lake is only about 1 mile long. It has nice drop offs around most of the shore line, as well as great rock and log structure. We ended up catching some pike in the 6-8 lb range, although I’m told they have some in the 15 lb range there too. Mid May is obviously the best time, where 15-20 pike per angler can be expected. The remoteness of the lake ensures that there is absolutely no fishing pressure, as the maximum amount of boats on the lake is 2.

I might head back there next season at the right time, I’m glad I went with another adult, as it would be tough hauling all the gear through the woods. In addition, the dinky boats make it extremely dangerous with young kids, especially during May when the water temp is under 50 degrees.

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