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Montreal fishing spots

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Inconsiderate boaters

Although my blog is usually dedicated to fishing reports and tips, I felt like commenting about an inconsiderate boater I encountered fishing the Pointe des cascades pier yesterday. Just as we got out on the pier and started getting set up, this guy launches his jet ski at the boat ramp. He then decideds to "test" it by running at full speed up and down the length of the pier, totally not considering the fact that there were many people fishing right there. He proceeded to do about 20 laps back and forth, totally spooking any fish that might have been there.

This idiot has the entire St Lawrence River to test his watercraft in, but chose to ignore all the people that spent their time and effort to come out and enjoy an afternoon, by spoiling a few hours of fishing with his blatant disregard for others.

To top it all off, after 20 laps, he lands the jet ski, and launches a power boat. He starts doing the same thing, making laps back and forth along the length of the pier. The guy just kept looking the other way when all the anglers are motioning him away.

By now, I'm really pissed off, so I decide to take matter in my own hands. My casting rod had a jig with a large live worm. I tell my buddy to watch and learn how to treat morons...

As he is headed back towards my casting range at full throttle, I look the other way and cast right into his direct path. I wasn't trying to hook the guy with an accurate cast, I simply lobbed it really high so he can see the worm spiralling down in front of him. Luckily for him, he moved out of it's way as he must have seen it at the last second.

That managed to get rid of him, he didn't come back again. Instead he proceeded to just sit there and stare at us laughing at him, then decided to land his boat and leave. I understand that I possibly could have injured him by "accident", and possibly wasn't the most responsable thing to do. However, when someone shows utter disrespect for others, they are simply asking for trouble.

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