Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

My son's first fishing trip

I took my youngest son Eli (2 years old) for his first fishing outing, as he’s been after me to take him along every time he sees his older siblings going out with me. I also brought my dad along for this one, I knew he would really enjoy seeing my youngest catch his first fish. The weather was extremely hot, we must have hit close to 40 degrees celcius with the humidex, not much wind either. We started drift fishing Lake St Francis while casting some lures, didn’t even see a fish. We eventually anchored in the Raisin River where my son Eli caught his first fish, a small perch on a hook and worm. I haven’t hade the time to train him on reeling technique yet, so he was pretty confused. Once the fish was landed, we was extremely excited. His reeling got a bit better as the days went on, he caught about a dozen perch, another dozen sunfish and a rock bass. Not too shabby for a 2 year old on his first outing, although I must admit that he had some help from his dad. My dad caught some panfish too, unfortunately none of us caught any game fish. Regardless, we all had a really good time. I expected him to sleep all the way home after a long day in the sun, he was too busy singing for an hour, and now he keeps asking me if we’re going fishing every morning when he wakes up. Looks like I’ve managed to hook another one…

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