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Montreal fishing spots

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Using / casting vintage fishing lures

As a kid, I remember going through my dad's tacklebox when he wasn't using it too often anymore. He had lot's of very interesting looking lures, as well as spoons, spinners, snells, sinkers, and whtever else you would expect to find in a tacklebox.

Eventually, my brother and ended up losing most of his tackle when we started fishing, although I still have some "vintage" lures that I don't normally use as I really wouldn't want to lose them. I remember a classic wood jitterbug he had that caught hundreds of smalll bass, I lost my first lunker along with that lure when the huge bass wrapped itself around a log and I tried horsing it. I felt horrible, and even worse, the new ones are all plastic and don't even cast half the distance I would get on hat one. Many of these lures are older than I am, about 40-50 years old, from the time my dad first arrived in Canada. I have some original Rapalas, Flatfish, Mepps and other assorted spinners.

Yesterday, I decided to try one of the old gold spinners, it is labelled "Asbip" Made in Italy. I actually caught some big perch and small bass on it in Lake St Francis / St Lawrence River, after making sure it was tuned and sharpening the hooks. It was an interesting feeling, and I ended up using it on and off for a few hours as we switched spots.

These days, I realize there is a market for anything that's "vintage" or hard to find. Of course, most people that are willing to pay top dollar for "collector's items" also expect the lures to be in mint condition or even in the original boxes. I don't plan on selling these lures, but knowing their market value makes it less appealing to tie them on and use them.

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