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Montreal fishing spots

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weird smallmouth bass behaviour

Went out for a half day trip to Lake St Francis on Wednesday, fishing was quite slow as expected. I did catch a small bass and lots of perch an a small gold spinner. The most interesting thing happened about 1 hour before we had to leave.

We were anchored in some moderate current in about 5-6 feet of water, over some rocks near an island. The anchor was dragging very slowly along the rock / sand bottom. Next thing I see is a huge smallmouth bass that I first mistook for a drum following the anchor and bumping it. We obviously tried to catch it with everything in our arsenal, but it wasn’t interested in the least bit as I expected.

Here is the strange part: Once we realized it wouldn’t hit anything, we tried to figure out why it just kept following the drifting boat. We tried spooking it with the rods, as well as netting it, it just moved and came right back again. It wasn’t aggressive at all. The only thing that managed to spook it in a hurry was when I caught another perch and brought it near the boat. At that point the bass left in a hurry. Once the perch was released, the bass returned again. It tried this again with another perch and it spooked again. We could have gone on for hours, but it was time to leave.

My best guess is that the anchor was disturbing it’s territory, and it was “sizing up” our anchor, although that doesn’t explain why it followed us for about 100-150 feet over the course of ½ hour.

Maybe it was following the dragging anchor in search of food, but it really didn’t seem too hungry, as it completely ignored us.

I would love to hear if any of you have ever had similar experiences with bass, or if anyone can confirm this strange bass behavior.

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