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Montreal fishing spots

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Evening walleye at Pointe des Cascades pier

Went out to the Pointe des Cascades pier this evening with 2 of my kids, the walleye finally showed up. Strangely enough, we had the entire pier to ourselves with nobody else there. We hooked 10 walleye, landed 6 and lost 4 on the way up the wall. The biggest landed one measured 16 inches, biggest I've seen come out of that area to date. My older son caught his first 2 walleye, my younger one is already "experienced". All were caught on live minnows.

Glad they finally showed up, they should stick around for the next few months. Although they are quite small when compared to the walleye I and most anglers target, they are predictable, easy to catch, and taste great. Great way to spend a couple hours shore fishing with the kids.

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