Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fishing Largemouth bass in the fall

October’s here, cold front cooled the water down considerably. Most of the surface weeds have died down, so the bass are back to holding to deeper structure. Good thing is that they are on the feed before winter. He headed to the Raisin River 2 days in a row, the outside temp was decent, the sunny skies made it feel a bit warmer.

We started off casting for Northern pike. That didn’t work, so after a couple hours we switched to chasing Largemouth bass. We started getting hits at noon, ended up catching 11 bass in the 1 – 2 lb range the first day, another 7 on the second day, using a variety of lures including Rapalas, spinners, some smaller minnow baits, and even live minnows. In addition, we caught some jumbo perch on live bait and a small pike towards evening on the second day.

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