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Montreal fishing spots

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Monday, March 30, 2009

2009 Ice fishing season ends

Ice fishing season finally ends tomorrow. After the dismal season I had this year, I say good riddance. Not that I was ever a big ice fisherman to begin with, but I had bigger plans for this season.

From catching big pike, to targeting trapped carp, I hoped to finally get some big boys through the ice. Instead, the best I did all season was a 9 inch perch.

Yes, I only went out 4 or 5 times, and most of those outing were 1/2 days only, and no, there aren't too many monster pike swimming around the Island, but many of my fishing buddies experienced less than desirable results, at least when it came to catching pike.

I'll be happy to start wetting my lines for real, hopefully sooner than later. With the warmer than usual weather we've been having, I imagine I'll be able to get out by mid April if were lucky. Last season, I went out on March 31st and the ice was close to 3 feet thick (ended up catching a decent pike too). My yard still had about 3 feet of snow in it as well.

This season, the ice is covered in a good 12 inches of water, and the plants in the yard are already sprouting, worms slithering on the ground on rainy nights.

Might even get the boat launched early this year, as Ontario zones 18 and 20 have opened perch year round. Finally have a valid excuse to be out on a boat in April.

With the kids off school for 2 week, I hope to get out for a trip or 2 once the ice melts, they've been itching to get out since last October.

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