Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ice fishing Montreal in spring 2009

Gorgeous day in the forecast had me taking off a full day to head out for what is probably my last ice fishing outing this season, as it ends next week.

I headed out to the St Lawrence River near Montreal with 3 friends in search of some pre spawn pike on the feed, as we had some success at that spot around this time last year.

We started off fishing in shallow near some feeder creeks, not much biting after a couple hours except for 1 missed pike that pecked at one of my frozen sardines.

We moved a bit further out, to a point where the water drops from 1 to 6 feet, set up about 20 lines there. Live minnows finally roduced, as we managed a couple pike, although they were very small.

We also hooked into some perch, and although they were less numerous than expected, on topped 11 inches so I guess it qualifies as a "jumbo", especially as it had that big telltale hump on it's back.

I shot some footage and compiled a couple videos for Youtube.



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