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Montreal fishing spots

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring cleaning the tacklebox

With some above freezing weather and the snow mostly melted, spring is in the air, a few more days and it will be official. Not sure if I'll attempt another shot at ice fishing this season, maybe an outing for some Northern pike.

Either way, my tacklebox is squeaky clean and loaded with my favorite lures, all sharpened to perfection with mean intentions. My tacklebox is set up for "all purpose" fishing, as I'm fishing waters that contain most freshwater species. As I have way too many lures to git into a tackle box, I narrowed it down to my spring favorites.

Here is a quick rundown:

Dardevle and Williams Wabbler spoons ranging from 2 to 5 inches.
Mepps and other in line spinners ranging from size 1 to 15.
A few Rapala X rap, shad rap, countdown and jointed floating.
Bomber Long A shallow and deep diver.
Smithwick rogues, 4 and 5 inches.
Storm Thunderstick, straight and jointed floating.
Some Arbogast Jitterbugs, frog, weedless and musky size.
Zara Spook.
Storm Chug Bug.
Rebel Pop R.
Brush Baby deep diver.
A couple Cotton Cordell wally divers.
Cotton Cordell Red fin, floating jointed.
Little joe worm harnesses.
Earie Deary.

The regular terminal tackle, hooks ranging from #14 to 3/0, split shot, egg and bell sinkers, jigs ranging from 1/32 oz to 3/4 oz, steel leaders, flouro carbon trolling leaders, snap swivels, pre-tied live bait rigs , bobber, popping corks, etc.

The the mandatory blade, knife, measuring tape, scale sunscreen, bugspray, camera and video recorder and were about ready to go.


Anonymous said...

Hey, awesome carp pics. How far a drive is the St. Lawrence river from NYC?

Freshwater Phil said...

Depending on where you want to go. Closest spot is probably 6 hours drive from NYC, but the river is about 700 miles long.

Anonymous said...

Ah maybe one day then... I found you thru Frum satire's blog. I'm obsessed with freshwater fishing, especially bass fishing. I live in manhattan now and I even fish in central park. Huge bass there.

Freshwater Phil said...

NY has some great fishing. You guys are especially lucky to have the early bass season during the spawn. Lake Champlain has some big numbers of monster bass, some pushing 7 lbs in the pre spawn.

You also have big stripers at your doorstep, try Raritan Bay in May. One of my buddies came back last year with over 100 lbs of filets, very good eating.