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Montreal fishing spots

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New fishing season in Quebec

April is here, fishing for most species is closed, time for those last minute preparations before the season re-opens in May. Made the mandatory trip to pick up my new license, turns out Quebec decided to gouge us this time around by hiking the fee up to $19.25. Still not too bad considering the amount of days I put in...

I also picked up a small 7.5 HP Mercury outboard for those trips up North, where I have been renting them for a few years. Paid $350 from a private owner, it runs nicely and seems to be in good condition, guy threw in the mount/stand and the gas tank. I'm hoping it pays itself off after 2 trips or so (10 fishing days).

Getting ready to launch the boat early, though fishing for most spcies including perch are closed on St Fancis until May, so is the Raisin River. Maybe a crappie / catfish outing...

Kids are off school next week, hope to take them out for their first outing of the season to the other side of the Cornwall dam, where perch and carp are now open.


Anonymous said...

Wow, yet again the government screwed us over. 20$$$!!!!!!!! for a piece of paper! that is bull%^^& , aw well duty calls.

Freshwater Phil said...

It's worse when you visit other areas. I pay $26 for an Ontario conservation license (or $42 for sport fishing).

In the US, they wanted for $50 for a 7 day permit last time I was in Texas. I ended up getting a 12 month, valid for only one specific lake that I fish, cost me $12.