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Montreal fishing spots

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another eel fishing at night

This night fishing thing is turning out to be interesting. I've caught more channel catfish and eels in the past month, than in the rest of my fishing "career" combined.

Last night, I took my older 14 and 7 year old boys for a few hours of night fishing. Got there too late to pick up live minnows, so I brought along some dead ones I had frozen after the last outing.

Fishing was quite slow. We got set up around 7:45, got our first hookup an hour later. From the way it pulled, I was sure it was a medium sized channel cat. I let my younger son Levi fight it, turned out to be another eel. Measured over 3.5 feet, was quite thick, must have weighed about 6 or 7 lbs.

Unfortunately, it swallowed the minnow head first, and I was using a smaller #2 baitholder hook instead of the usual 3/0 wide gap, so the hook went too far down it's throat for me to even see it.

I cut the line to let it loose, and though it swam off without a problem, I'm gueessing it won't survive long as it's going to have lot's of trouble feeding.

About an hour later, my older sons Ari got a nice run, but yanked the hook out of the fish's mouth when he tried to set.

That was it for the night, as my younger son had fallen asleep and had to be in school this morning.

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