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Montreal fishing spots

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shore fishing outings

Ever since my trip up North in mid July, I've pretty much stuck with shore fishing, something which I don't do as often as I used to ever since I got a boat. As the boat is docked in an area that is extremely choked with weeds in the summer, fishing there this time of the year is often less than thrilling. Shore fishing is extremely relaxing for me, as I'm usually still fishing, and I can spend time attending to my kids needs a lot more, thereby allowing me to take them on family outings.

With camp over and school only starting next week, I took my 3 younger sons out for a day of mixed species shore fishing along with my dad. Weather hit close to 40 Celcius with the humidex, luckily we we in the shade most of the time. We still fished for carp and pike unsuccessfully, but managed tons of gobies along with a perch and small largemouth bass using live worms.

I also managed to get spot checked by the MNR conservation officer again, it's the 3rd time at that spot in 12 months, was the same guy as last year. Seems like 2 guys are running the same area in South Eastern Ontario. Glad to see my license fees are actually going somewhere.

Headed out the following evening for some more night time shore fishing for channel catfish, took my 8 year old son Avi for his first attempt at fighting fish that size. After picking up some live minnows, we set up at about 7:00 PM, managed 1 rock bass until dark.

First channel catfish hit at about 9:00 PM, Avi was thrilled to fight it, wasn't too big though, about 5 lbs or so. About 1/2 hour later, my buddy hooked into an 3 foot eel. Man are those things slimy, I was peeling slime like Elmer's glue of my had for the rest of the night after handling it.
Got the second cat on a bit after 10:00 PM, this one about 7 lbs, again Avi brought it in but was afraid to land it, as he's got some kind of fear of their whiskers. A couple minutes later, my buddy and I hook unto a double header, we land 2 cats in the 10 lb range, one long and thind, the other short and fat, Avi was too tired to fight it so I did the honors.

By this time Avi's whining that he's tired, as it's nearly 11:00 PM and way past his bed time. Pity, the fishing was just heatin up, but I headed home to get him to bed.

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