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Montreal fishing spots

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Chilhood fishing spot revisited.

Went up to visit my eldest son Ari on Sunday. He's in an overnight camp in the La Minerve section of the Laurentians. As a kid, I went to the same camp, learned much of what I know about fishing on the local lake, Lac Desert.

Though the camp is on the lakefront, access to the lake was very restricted by the lifeguards for fear of drownings. The boating activities were run by counsellors, none of which were into fishing. I had to fish in hiding for a few summers, eventually, I became a staff member and was given more freedom.

I spent 3 summers between the agees of 14-16 exploring the are around the lake, most of which was un-inhabited. I caught my first big bass there, as well as tons of smaller ones, rock bass, sunfish, perch, bullheads, some wild brook trout and even a small laker.

I returned a few times in my early twenties, rented a boat from one of the locals I knew, had some real good trips up there. As I brought up a portable sonar, I was able to finally check out some of what I had previously been fishing in "blindly".

While visiting last Sunday, I returned to some of my favorite shore fishing spots outside the camp with my 4 sons to show them where I fished as a kid. I was saddened to see that the miles of once beautiful shorelines, have been replaced by cabins and high powered water skiing boats buzzing all over the lake.

To add insult to injury, once free boat launch was now become privatized by the lake association a.k.a. lake mafia. The lauch itself used to be a real hotspot, with 2 long wooden docks that jutted out right into some prime bass fishing spots near sunken trees. The docks have been removed, the area is now covered with thicks weeds.

I did manage to access some of the spots that used to be teeming with all sorts of fish. Based on the few bass and panfish we caught in about 45 minutes worth of fishing, the numbers and sizes seem to have diminished drastically.

Luckily for my son, he has access to a camp boat a few times a week. I sent him up with a couple rods, he got the lakefront manager hooked on fishing to the point where the guy had the camp order a 100 lb thrust trolling motor to help them fish. I also mapped out some hot spots near his camp grounds that are only accessible by boat, so he knew exactly where to go once he was on the water.

After a couple days at camp, my son called for more worms, hooks and sinkers. I obliged, and brought him about 100 of each, as well as some bass lures. He's already caught about 50 smallies, the largest up to 3 lbs. No too shabby for a 13 year old, I only dreamed of having that sort of success at that age. He's also the most popular kid in his group, when it comes to boating, everyone wants to be on his boat.

Going back to childhood fishing grounds with my kids is always a great experience. It brings back memories of what I must have felt and looked like as a kid. Though they're lucky enough to have someone to put them on the hotspots, I had the thrills of seeking them out and finding them on my own.


Anonymous said...

I laughed with a tear in my eye. I was exactly the same when I went to camp.I was in a orthodox Jewish camp where I was the only fisherman.When the other boys swam I fished off the dock. When Shabat was over I was getting my gear and lantern ready.I still fish Lake Tanwax to this day. Its got some very good Crappie and Bluegill fishing along with trout and bass. Great lil add on that Phil.Thank you from Seattle Wa.

Carp Fishing Tackle Online said...

Wow Phil, you have landed some seriously big carp. I would just love to fish in Canada, one day maybe.