Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Street fishing in Dallas, Texas

Went down to Dallas for a few days to visit my son who's in school in there. The school had a parents weekend / PTA, and our schedule was extremely tight all weekend long. I would have loved to make it back up to Lake Texoma, but time didn't permit it. Instead, I took my son to explore some of the fishing spots in biking distance of his school, as I only had about 3 hours off.

First spot look real promising for bass. It was a canal that ran through private neighborhoods, my had spotted bass in there during the fall. With a new Texas law making it easier property owners being allowed to shoot trespassers without asking questions, I wasn't taking any chances. First bell we rang, the guy confirms that all the property is private, and no one allows strangers to fish, as the property owners would be liable to get sued if ever one of us got hurt.

OK, off to the next spot, a small flood control reservoir I used to fish at about 12 years ago. At the time, there were bass up to 2 lbs or so and tons of bullhead catfish. Sadly, most of it has dried up, seems like the fish all died, expect for some sunfish, tons of frog and snapping turtles. After wasting an hour or so, we headed back to anther creek, my son pulled out some more sunfish. Had to leave about 1/2 hour after getting there.

Pity I didn't have more time, the weather was sunny and 25 degrees all weekend long.

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