Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

First open water fishing outing of 2011

With the weather finally warm enough to fish without my line freezing to the guides or getting ice buildup, I headed out to fish a few spots around downtown Montreal. First sport I tried is an area with strong current. Couldn't fish it at all due to the constant barrage of floating ice chunks taking my line. Was tough getting to the spot, as the steep cliff I climb down was full of ice, made things very tricky.

Second spot was mainly covered in ice, with a few open areas. A back current made it possible to jig the spot with artificial worms, but still fishing was still tough. No hits after 2 hours, I headed to another area.

Showed up at my 3rd spot, lot's of open water big sheets of ice drifting back and forth between the wind and current. First cast, I hooked and landed my first open water catch of the season, a small 13 inch walleye. Second cast, I got bit off. I was then chased off my spot by the drifting ice sheets. Some were about 40 feet in diameter, they were spread over an area of about 800 x 150 feet.

I moved further down, no more hits. After about 1.5 hours, my original spot cleared up. I headed back, fished for another half an hour or so, no more bites.

Anyway, it felt real good being able to cast into open water again, not to mention fighting a fish. I hope to head back out next week if the weather cooperates.

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