Montreal fishing spots

Montreal fishing spots

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fishing bass and pike in Lac St Francois

Headed out for an afternoon of casting with a friend that invited me on his boat. After launching into the Quebec portion of Lac St Francois, we headed out to try a few spots that may be productive on a hot summer afternoon.

First spot we hit started off well. I landed a largemouth bass on my second cast, and a small 3.5 lb pike a few cast later. Both took a spinnerbait, the thrashing pike ended up shredding/destroying the skirt I had on it. After landing another pike, my buddy headed out to locate some of the big smallmouth bass those waters are famous for.

We hit some submerged humps, not much success except for a 2 lb smallmouth I caught trolling on our way to a spot. We eventually targeted shallower water. Though we were able to see many bass as well as some decent sized drums, none of the fish were too interested. I ended up catching a couple very small largemouth bass near the shore, and as evening fell, we headed back out to the submerged humps.

My buddy did a lot better this time around, landing another pike and a few nice sized smallmouth bass, the largest being over 4 lbs.

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