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Montreal fishing spots

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Friday, July 8, 2011

My first mirror carp

Headed out for another day of carping with my son Ari. Started getting hits shortly after setting up, but he kept missing the hooksets, probably due to being on a week long bass fishing trip the previous week.

When carp run with a hair rig, last thing you want to do is set like your trying to tear off there head, all you need is to slowly apply pressure in a sweeping motion to set the ultra sharp small hooks.

Anyway, I noticed what he was doing wrong after a few missed fish, and once I pointed it out, he was back on track. He started off by landing a decent channel catfish, I was surprised as I've never had them take a boilie before.

His next carp cut my 65 Power Pro in the rocks. He then ended up landing two more, the larger one about 15 lbs.

I allowed myself one fish (on 8 or 9 runs) on the outing, and with a miraculous stroke of luck, I ended up hooking my first mirror carp.

The fight was pretty much the same, but my excitement when I realized it was a mirror gave me the shakes. Finally landed it and was happy to hold it up for a couple pics, noticing that it was way slimier than any other carp I've ever held. Wasn't a monster, but at around 12 lbs, it's a nice start.

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