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Montreal fishing spots

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall fishing for multispecies

Kids were off for a few days last week, decided to take them fishing as usual, giving my wife a well deserved break. Took Ari, Avi and Chaya on the first outing, plan was for Avi and Ari to target carp, while Chaya fished for perch and gobies. Weather was colder and a lot windier than predicted, but we still managed to get some decent carp ranging 8-18 lbs:

Unfortunately, Chaya was cold and bored of catching perch and gobies, so we left after less than 3.5 hours into the session. Headed out to another spot in hopes of catching something nice for the table, stopped at an area I know that has some nice brook trout hitting well this time of the year. Sure enough, Chaya caught her first brookie:

Headed home and Ari went to work filleting the day's catch of brook trout. Next morning, it was Eli and Levi's turn to come out a chase some pike. Got to one of my fall spots, again the wind was a lot more than I had bargained for, and the kids were having a tough time casting directly into it, as it was blowing straight towards us. The pike weren't hitting, and they quickly lost interest within the first hour, so I made the long trip back to the trout spot I had been at the previous day. They were hitting well again as expected, Eli caught his first brook trout as well.

Again, Ari got some more practice filleting the trout, and looks like the freezer is well stocked for a while.

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