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Montreal fishing spots

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Last carp fishing outing of the summer

With only a couple days of summer left, I took Ari out for some late summer carp fishing, being that he just arrived back in town a couple days ago. As he just turned eighteen, I figured it would be a dad and son birthday outing. Took him to a spot he's never been to yet that tends to have a decent bite in the fall, though the sizes can really vary from tiny to huge.

Got to our spot around 10:00 AM. Set up my rod with some corn and pop toasted chilli lime cord, and the second with some prepared giant corn made by Demon baits.

Took less than 4 minutes, Ari's line with the giant corn took off screaming. I knew he had a decent carp on the line, as it wasn't surfacing at all, even in shallow water. He took time fighting it, and I eventually got it into my new 8 foot landing net, came in very handy as we were on a wall about 3-4 feet above the water. Not very long, but quite fat, it weighed in at 26.5 lbs, a new personal best for Ari.

Fish got a bit beat up on the way in, don't know if the line got caught in it's gills, or if it ran into some sharp rocks, was bleeding quite hard all over my landing mat. Seemed in good condition when I released it, hope it survives the ordeal.

With our instant success, I was hoping the trend would continue throughout the day. Unfortunately, it didn't. Nothing doing for the next 2 hours, Ari spent them dreaming of giant carp:

I eventually got a run on the giant corn again, around 12:30. Another nice fight, another one visits my landing mat:

Next hit came about 45 minutes later, Ari landed a small 5 lbs carp, didn't bother with any pictures. Fishing then came to a standstill, took another 3.5 hours to get the next run, landed another mid size carp:

All in all, a nice calm day on the water. Started off cold, but warmed up nicely, not much wind either. Perfect way to end the summer, hope to get into some fall fishing next week.

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