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Friday, June 26, 2020

Mijocama bass fishing trip 2020

To say our yearly trip to Mijocama for the bass opener was a smashing success, would be an understatement. Being there for 19 years in a row at the best time of the season for bass fishing, I can safely say, this fishing trip completely shattered all previous outings to Mijocama.

The proverbial perfect storm ingredients were all there. The largemouth bass had just finished spawning, and we were in the midst of a crazy heat wave, which typically turns the bite on more than anything else at Mijocama. Adding to the fact that they had been closed up until a few days before we got there due to the Covid 19 crisis, which meant that basically no one had targeted bass on the lake in a good 8-9 months or so.

After last year's amazing topwater fishing we enjoyed, I was hoping this one would come close. I wasn't more than happy that our success outdid anything I had even imagined.

Best of all, the vast majority of our bass were caught on the surface, using topwater lures in shallow water. Can't ask for a more fun way to catch bass, everybody simply loves topwater fishing.

Some of the new family records from our trip:

11 bass 4 lbs or over were landed by us over 5 days of fishing.
Avi's 4.5 lbs bass is a new family record for topwater bass caught at Mijocama
Ari's 5.25 lbs monster bass, beat my previous 5 lbs bass, and is now our new family record at Mijocama as well.

Here as some of our bass pics.


Avi and his big topwater bass caught on a Zara spook:

Levi spent his trip guiding a couple friends to some very good topwater bites on both Pop R's and Zara puppies.

Eli spent a good deal of time on both my boat and Ari's boat when I had the younger kids with me.

Zev's casting isn't exactly on point, so he was happy to land most of the bass that I hooked, including his biggest bass at 3.9 lbs. All caught on Pop R's

Zev enjoyed spending time with his cousin Yehuda, who was struggling to catch fish until he spent an evening on our boat. His biggest topwater bass fixed all that.

When the weather did cool down and the bass bite slowed down, the pike bite came on better than ever as well, at least when it comes to numbers. No trophies, but some good keeper sized pike for my freezer were landed by most of us.

Perfect weather allowed us to fish from the dawn and dusk bites.

Good times with family and friends, many new unforgettable moments, and great memories made. Little wonder that we return to Mijocama for our family vacation every summer for amazing bass fishing.

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