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Montreal fishing spots

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

That's fishing

I had planned on a carping trip for this week, my buddy wasn’t up to it and really wanted to give the Raisin River another shot for walleye before it gets any worse with the weed growth. I agreed to his plan, we started casting crankbaits as the weed growth is already bad enough that you can’t troll them even in the deeper holes. Nothing biting at all, except for a silly bullhead that attacked my wally diver. First time I’ve seen anything like it, but I guess that’s fishing.

We decided to try surface trolling. Turned out to be a wise choice, I caught 3 walleye in 1 hour trolling a floating jointed Rapala, the biggest a 21 inch fish that actually fought back. I was very surprised that walleye hit topwater lures, then gain I guess that’s fishing.

The sun came out, the walleye stopped biting, we ended up doing some more casting further upstream, I finally caught a nice 3.5 lb smallmouth bass by mid afternoon. We had to leave by 4:00 PM, we decided to troll back, my buddy caught a tiny 8 inch walleye on a worm harness, then hooked into a bigger one further downstream, but lost it before we had a chance to see it. Again that’s fishing!
Headed out to Giles Lake for a week of Largemouth bass fishing for the opener next week, bringing along my dad, brother, 3 of my sons and some friends. They’re predicting a heat wave, should be great fishing as the hotter it gets, the bigger the bass on that lake.

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