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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Canadian pre-spawn carp fishing in June

Carp fishing in June started off with a bang as expected. Canadian carp are still in pre spawn mode in late spring, sometime waiting up until the official start of summer later in June to spawn.

Anticipating the heavy feeding carp can do this time of year, I brought along on a variety of home made bait, including my three flavors of boilies, as well as the new batch of tiger nuts I produced a couple week ago.

Knowing how fast carp can pick up a bait in the late pres pawn period, I only bothered putting out 2 rods, as I had two of my younger kids with me. Managing three 12 foot carp rods in the water is nearly impossible, when you are with a 6 year old, it's simply more efficient to have the third rod pre-rigged and ready to fire as soon as a carp is landed.

The bite was nearly immediate, my twelve year son hooked up to his first carp in less than 10 minutes. After fumbling on the first couple fish, he finally landed his first carp of the season.

And of course, the release.

He proceeded to land 9 of 14 carp for the day, mainly in the mid to upper teens range.

My younger son got some good practice with the landing net:

He spent much of the day fishing hook and worm for panfish / nuisance fish,

About halfway through the day, I decided to try rigging up some bigger bait in attempt to catch a bigger carp. Similar baiting trick has worked at time in the past. I rigged a large 22mm Fireball boilie, along with two tiger nuts on my extra long hair rig, then boosted it with tiger nut oil. I nicknamed my setup the "giant killer", hoping to boost my son's excitement when a carp would eventually take the line.

After a false run from what was probably a smaller carp, we got a definite hit. Eli landed the carp, and I snapped a pic of the rig in it's mouth. 

Turned out to be his biggest carp of the day, at 19 lbs.

As for me, I took only one run for myself all day. With my luck, it happened to be the biggest fish of the outing, a two toned fat female. Rare enough for a carp, though I've caught some big one in the past as well.

After getting back home in time for dinner, I headed out for my first night outing with my 15 year old son, in hopes of having him catch some bigger carp. Rigged a Sweet Dream boilie, and his first bite came within 25 minutes. After good battle, he landed his biggest carp ever at 27.5 lbs. Congrats on the new PB!

He followed up with another nice sized carp on a Black Magic boilie just before heading home.

With a grand total of 12 out of 17 carp landed for the day using only two rods in total , I'd say we're onto some very good Canadian pre spawn carp fishing this June. Hoping the spawn is late this year.

Headed out a couple nights later for a quick 2 hours of carping before bed. Definitely more interesting than most of the crap on TV these days.

About 25 minutes into the session, I hook into what I'm guessing was a small catfish, by the way it took the bait, and the subsequent fight. It broke free in a weedbed before I had a chance to land it, but when I brought in my line, I was quite surprised to find a half of a lower musky jaw wrapped in my line. It was in decay, but still had a couple nice sized teeth in it.

I pluck out a couple of the bigger teeth to bring home, place them on a nickel just to show what size they are.

Seems like my boilies are catching just about everything these days... Carp bite was good, landed 2 feisty males about 40 minutes apart, Black Magic boilies did the trick this time.

Was slated for some carp fishing south of the border in NY state, but plans for that trip fell through. Ended up taking Eli and Zev for their first night time carp outing of the season a couple days later. Carp were slow, but did not disappoint. Eli was lucky to land this one 10 minutes before we were supposed to leave.

With the spawn imminent due to incoming heat wave, I decided to give carping fishing one more shot before the official start of summer. I think the carp were already staging to spawn, as the bite was non existent that night, all I managed was a mid size channel catfish.

Thus ends our spring carp fishing season, looking forward to catching many more this summer.

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