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Montreal fishing spots

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Big crappie in St Lawrence River

With rain in the forecast we headed out for an afternoon of carp and pike fishing. The plan was to try a local spot, then head to Long Sault if the spot wasn’t productive. We got out to the Pointe des cascades Pier on the St Lawrence River about 1:30 PM armed with corn for the carp and 4-5 inch shiners and suckers for pike. The forecast turned out completely wrong (as usual), not a cloud in the sky and over 30 degrees with the humidex. Not one bite for about 3.5 hours, we headed for the St Lawrence River at Long Sault, got their around 6:00 PM, still no clouds and high heat in the bright sun. Again, no carp in sight, none jumping, the water quite warm. Didn’t look too promising, but I managed a nice sized bullhead within the first couple minutes that hit the carp line. Nothing else for about 2 hours, I strated throwing a pike minnow rigged on a 1/0 hook six feet under and bobber. The bobber went tunder and stayed there for about 15 seconds, so I set the hook. The fish seemed quite small for a pike, when I brought the line in I was very surprised to find a 13 inch crappie. It is only the second crappie I’ve ever caught in Canada as I don’t really target them, but the size made my day. As I’ve heard they are good to eat and I’ve never tasted one, I kept it for Friday lunch. I finally managed 1 carp hit right after catching the crappie, I didn’t manage to get a good hookset, so it came off.


Unknown said...

Hi could you give me a map site where you catch crappie? I also ishing at Pointe-des-Cascades ,but always nothing. my email thanks

Freshwater Phil said...

I caught that one in Ontario in the Long Sault area. It the first one I ever caught in the St Lawrence, I was actually fishing for pike.